Welcome to the Nelson Cork Lodge


Cork Lodges are a "fun" or "side" degree in Freemasonry. Membership is open to all Master Masons in good standing. Our sole aim (more or less) is to raise money for children's charities. As with any lodge, we also want to have loads of fun in so doing, and imbibe, a bit. Actually, rather a lot. Hic! (Haec hoc for the scholars out there...)

The tradition of cork lodges is a long and noble one, or so we would have you believe. Our origins are lost in the mists of time, but seem to come from the era of Noah and the great flood. The "flavour" of the meeting is distinctly nautical, and all lodge officers have naval titles - the Master, for example, is referred to as the Admiral, the treasurer is called the purser and so on. It's a rather affectionate parody of RAM.

As well as partaking in the occasional drop of liquid refreshment, we also get to wear hats during the meeting - the only degree where hat wearing is compulsory. (KTs might disagree, but we get to choose our head-gear - and the sillier, the better!)

The cork tradition is stronger in Scotland than elsewhere (as with many things Masonic) and there the cork lodges come under the supervision of Royal Arch. In the US, it forms part of the Allied Masonic Degrees. In England, however, there is no formal hierarchy, with each Cork Lodge free to set its own rules and develop its own ritual. We largely take our lead from how things are done in Scotland.


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